Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YAY Final Weigh in

8.8 kilo gone or 13 kilo since i started pre season.  What an amazing journey.  Hard the past 4 weeks as couldn't lose, as had to up kj's but feel amazing.  Well actually bloody tired really as gone back to work for a few days a week trying to fight the morning sickness.

Look forward to doing the next round but with weight gain but hopefully only slightly!!

Starting a Job

Cannot believe I am starting a job tomorrow.  Its only 2 days a week but gives us that little bit of extra money to finish things around the house and make it more livable before bubs arrives.  I'm excited in a way but also nervous as I am fighting the morning sickness so fingers crossed it eases off on the 2 days I need it too!

Apart from that I am still training really well, have eased off a bit in the past 4 weeks so its been really hard to sit back and watch everyone on accelerator day, and super Saturday sessions but I have never given up.  Ive also found that if i feel sick in the morning then if I go to the gym and do a workout it takes my mind off it until i get back to the car! LOL

Can't believe that i finally get to meet a heap of you this weekend at the party.  Am so looking forward to the training session and party.  See you all there! xoxo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my entry for weekly surprise week 11

Where do I start... This year has been so traumatic in the sense of my partner having a severe work accident and us having to close our business down all around the time I signed up for this program.  I am so proud to say I stuck it out and learnt so many life lessons along the way.  I look back at my weekly blog and my turning point was Sept 26th where I wrote:
MAJOR LESSON LEARNT - There were never any sabotage’s to my weight loss over the years, I was my worst enemy and I own up to that I accept responsibility.  Now I will make the changes I NEED TO MAKE in order to become a better, healthier, happier person. Xo
In the past 3 mths I have:-
·         Kayaked with fellow wbt’rs
·         Joined a PT class with fellow wbt’rs which I love
·         Love my gym and workouts
·         Learnt to run
·         Faced my fear of heights with my 7 yr old daughter by my side
·         Started a Blog about my journey
But most of all I also:-
·         Cannot stop smiling
·         Am so positive about life instead of grumpy and negative
·         AM HAVING A BABY in which we were told we needed IVF but due to being so much fitter it occurred naturally.  We are so excited!!!
I cannot thankyou enough for the life transformation that has occurred within myself.  Even my mums negative comment when telling her I was pregnant “What., so you lose all that weight only to get fat again”, does not bother me, as I know that the next time I get fat it will be ALL BABY!!  
 Tears in my eyes as I cannot thankyou enough in words xoxoxo

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mini Triathlon Completed

Wow What an amazing week it has been.  First I was so focussed in training that I didnt even know the PT was saying hello to me whilst traiing someone next to me and yesterday I decided to JFDI!!!

I got myself into the right mind frame before entering the doors of the gym, I WILL DO THIS, I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL I COMPLETE THIS..................... and thats just what i did.

25km bike ride

6 km Jog - broken into 2 legs due to an injury ( did have to use the cross trainer for the last 1km due to arm chaffage HAHAHA)

3km row

PLUS  a 4 - 5 km walk with my partner earlier that morning.  All together 38 kms!!!

I cannot believe that i accomplished this - that I didn't give up and that I - NOT ANYONE ELSE - kept me motivated for the whole 1:59:58 seconds that it took to accomplish this goal.  I have learnt that arms need more toning though! LOL

I have been relying on my PT to push me through the past couple of weeks and although i missed training with Kev yesterday i taught myself that " i am worthwhile, that I can achieve whatever i want , as long as mentally I prepare myself - and that means thinking positive and zoning out. 

To celebrate my achievement my partner took me out for our first meal together since our daughter who is now 9mths old was born!!   We went to a lovely little restaurant, where I ordered barramundi with asparagus and requested that they hold the herb butter and any oils from this meal as I was following a strict diet and needed a lovely meal to celebrate my success today.  They were wonderful and kept filling my water up with fresh ice.  My partner ordered a dessert where I had one spoonful with my skinny cappuccino.
The whole day was a total success.  I am now ready to be able to hit any barriers i may come too when on holidays with family next week and am looking so forward to jogging around the gold coast.  LOVING LIFE

Not only am i getting fitter but I have also found that my whole personality has changed. that I have so much more love for my family, that I'm not grumpy all the time, and that now I RUN UP AND DOWN MY STAIRCASE AT HOME and I don't make other people go and get things and sit on my "once was fat ass" LOL xo

Friday, November 5, 2010



After 5 telstra technicians i am finally back on line and able to talk to my 12wbt family.  You have no idea how much I have missed everyone.  I even missed a whole week of print outs to follow but still managed to keep a consistent weight loss by monitoring everything. 

I have met so many wonderful people through this experience and my partner is so impressed with me by the way I have changed from the negative person i once was every morning after getting on the scales to the positive person I am now.   I found myself dancing around with my 9 mth old daughter in my arms this morning with no inhibitions of worrying about what i looked like.  Huge change!

Even with all the external excuses that are totally out of my control at the moment I have stayed positive and know that life will soon get back on track and that i am so lucky that my partner did not die from his accident.  By the way - power saws are now banned from our house!!!

Anyway , Just thought i would drop a quick letter to ssay  I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH XOXO


Did a trial triathlon a few days a go in my brand new kayano sneakers and skins and felt fantastic!! Even with a sore back I didn’t give up I just substituted the run foe the cross trainer. Apparently the PT that works there said hello to me as she was raining a person next to me and I didn’t even know.. I was totally focussed on getting the job done. 
Feel so fantastic and looking forward to my qld trip next week. Seaworld will be great to jog around each morning and I have even organized for groceries to be delivered after I arrive so as I have fresh food from the moment I get there. SO ORGANISED!! Just need telstra technicians to fix Internet tomorrow so I can get back on line and chat to everyone!! Have missed my Wbt family so much!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inner Labrador Tamed!!!

How good is an ipod.  At gym today I decided to listen to the podcasts and step it down a notch on the cross trainer so as I could soak in all of Mish's info.  I came home and had a carrot stick, and then picking Chels up from school I was tempted to go through macca's for a $0.50 cone but her voice was ringing through my brain so I came straight home.  YAY!!! Its working

Also am so bloody proud of myself as the past 2 days i have moved 2000 roof tiles approx 50 metres to another part of the backyard.  That is 8 tonne!!  And the motivation behind this was - i want the concrete down around our pool area before xmas so I can have a massive NYE party here.  And even though I went to the gym and worked outside for 4 hours moving tiles I feel fantastic.  Well.... that was until i walked inside to find the dog had snuck in and trampled mud all over the carpet i had cleaned yesterday!!!  Oh well, keep on smiling..

Going to put in a huge effort this fortnight, looking forward to a big challenge ahead.  My 8 week goal is to run 5 kms, that is around our block.  First run on Sunday as tomorrow i have boot camp. have a great weekend everyone xo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little story of self discovery

I had a trip back down to the country this weekend to see the family.  I was all excited as since starting this journey (the sign up) I have lost 6.1 kilos (4.1 since commencement day) and i hadn't seen anyone so I knew they would be able to notice.

I pull up at mums and she says hi grabs my daughter and asks how the trip was.  No "you look fabulous"  NO "wow you have lost weight"  NO RESPONSE WHAT SO EVER!  That really hurts... 

I proceeded to take everything in from the car up to the room and by the end of the drive and unpacking was exhausted so i grabbed a bottle of water and went to sit down.  "Are you having a champagne"  My response was "no thanks , I will just have water"  ............  That was the start of it, How could i go down and not drink, "For god sake Andrea, just have one, it wont kill you".  or "We'll see how long this diet lasts". 

Now any other time i would give in and JFDI and have the drink so i don't get ridiculed all weekend, but i was determined this time and for me CONSISTENCY WAS THE KEY. 

To top things off tea for the first night (knowing i am on this journey of weight loss) was salad smothered in dressing, none kept aside for me.  With enchiladas covered in cheese and dripping in oil.  I still wonder today was she doing it to sabotage my journey, and if she was "IT DIDN'T BLOODY WORK".

I learnt from the weekend
  1. I don't need anyone to tell me I am losing weight and looking good as i look in the mirror and i can see the changes.
  2. That my name of FITNFAB4XMAS will stand to show them all
  3. Next time I take my own food down
  4. and the last is that i am so proud of myself for being able to get through the weekend and still be able to lose weight this week.
  5. I love coming home!!!!!!!
I may have a partner who cant do much as he is injured and I may be running around like a lunatic after our 2 kids and trying to finish off renovations, and i know i have to move 2000 roof tiles by the end of the week all by myself, but i know that I AM HAPPY, I AM SELF SATISFIED AND I LOVE MY PARTNER AND KIDS.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gaining Inspiration from another 12wbt

Today was boot camp day and I was really struggling to get out of bed due to a sore back.  Instead of laying back down I pushed through the pain and got dressed then decided to do a few stretches at home before heading off to boot camp day. 

You see, if it were just me going to the gym or going for a run i probably would have layed in bed and not bothered but last week i met so many amazing girls who are taking this journey too and that is what gave me the inspiration to just do it!!!

Here's the funny thing, I met Kev (the other trainer) for the first time this morning and first conversation was about all my injuries, knee reco, slipped disc, bad pelvic floor (yay to toilets being at the oval!!) and went on the sob story of my journey of weight gain.  BUT  5 mins into the session I had no time to stop and think about the injuries I had previously as Kev and Jason worked us like you wouldn't believe.  And each time I felt like i was having a heart attack.... it made me smile, as i knew that this was a turning point for me. 

No more talking about the past, just the future and what it takes to get there.  I have used my injuries as an excuse to exercise hard for so long - as soon as the going got tough, it would be "my foot", "my knee" "my back" - No more!!!  Although I did have to run to the loo twice which is out of my control!! I'll blame my daughter for that when she is 18!

Prob the most inspiration moment for me today was Ktee who when doing the Indian running she wanted to give up with about 100 metres to go.  Instead of letting her drop off the back, we cheered her on to keep up with us on the journey and after about 3 seconds she said "I'm back in" - WOW!!!!  Totally amazing as I watched her when she ended and she was over the moon, you could see how proud she was of herself for finishing and i could feel how proud i was that she finished and that the other 3 of us didn't let her give up.  As Mish would say "that was a moment" and one that i wont forget every time i train from now on... to push through that pain and be a team!!  Hat off to you Ktee - YOU ROCK!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yes 100 grams i put on this week.  have i been sitting in the corner sulking and blaming everyone else.

You see, for me this was my time to sit back and look at the week.  Yes there were many of external excuses out of my control, but do i blame them , Not at all.  You see the past few weeks i have learnt that ORGANISATION is the key.

Was I organised for last weeks food and exercise..............No

Did I diarise my exercise and book creche in......................No

Did I take my own snacks to the hospital whilst waiting for partners appointment................No

So there you see it.....  I have acknowledged that I ANDREA KERR sabotaged my own weight loss by
  1. Not being organised
  2. Not being organised AND
  3. Not being organised!!!!
I'm definitely not upset about this as for the first time I have sat back and looked at this and fully confess that this was all my fault, no-one else's just mine.  And i feel fantastic for it!

For me this is a huge breakthrough - I have broken down the emotional wall of fear when i put on weight and it is the most amazing feeling as for the first time I don't want to give up!

I feel inspired, motivated, and most of all I know i won't mope around the house and make everyone in my families life miserable for the next 2 days.  So anyone out there that is reading this and feels negative about their weight gain, look back at your week and own up to all the indiscretions you did.  For me mine was organisation plus!!  Would love to know what yours are? xo

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Had my first bootcamp session today and boy am i feeling it!!!

Although i am sore i am feeling fantastic as I now realise just how pathetic I have been in pushing myself.  No wonder i cannot burn enough calories.  So this week, I am going to toughen up and push push push!!!  Not sure if the legs will be able to handle this after the lunges and burpees!

Anyone that feels like they are pushing themselves should have at least one training session with a PT as you will soon realise you can go way above your limits. 

I attended the one at Duncans Road in Werribee and met so many great wbt'ers. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


All I ask for is 1- 2 hrs a day exercise.  Now you think that would be easy.  It is SOOO not i can tell you when you have a sick child and a partner who has been told he is not allowed to pick her up at all. 

I have to say that this week has been hard, tiring and manic and to throw everything into the mix I had a stall at  a baby sale to which i had to take my baby as I have no one to look after her.

So Now I have had my whinge about how hard it was here comes the positives as why sit and whinge when I am here to change my lifestyle.  I'm sure i can catch up on the 30 hrs of missed sleep when i am six foot under in 70 years (  Yes i will live to over 100 now i am getting fit!!!)


  • Managed to not be tempted by the donuts and sausages at the baby market
  • Walked each morning with my partner and daughter around the block, by the end of the week we had made it up to a 5km walk)  
  • Still have not touched the mars bars and snickers in "Paul's" fridge
  • Exercised every day
  • Attempted Zumba - "attempted"  i emphasise
  • Went to Geelong to sisters and watched her drink a whole bottle of champagne by herself - NOT TEMPTED! YAY
  • Did my first spin cycle class and loved it!
  • Tracked my calories for the week 
When I Look at the positives, the non sleepless nights and running around after everyones appointments don't really register.

MY OUTLOOK FOR NEXT WEEK. - Keep up the great work!

MY REWARD FOR THE WEEK - I booked my flight and accommodation to Sydney for the Award / Presentation night.  I have organised mum to help Paul look after the kids and I am flying up with a fellow team member who i cannot wait to meet.  We will be there in time for the workout then hitting the awards night.  This is probably the most amazing part of this journey that I am on, is that although I have not met people yet, I feel like i know so many of you personally through talking on facebook pages of Michelle's 12wbt and the 12wbt - Round 3. When I have a tough day I read other posts on their tough days and it puts my life into perspective. 

MAJOR LESSON LEARNT - There were never any sabotagers to my weight loss over the years, I was my worst own enemy and I own up to that I accept responsibility.  Now I will make the changes I NEED TO MAKE in order to become a better healthier, happier person. xo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wow 2kgs!!!  I cannot believe it.  I was so excited I even did a little dance around the room to mark my achievement but then realised the rest of my butt and back fat wobbled so much i had to stop.... or maybe i should have put the HRM on and seen how many calories i burnt! ha ha

I did my first ever spin class today.  it went for 45 minutes and I burnt 400 calories.  I didn't think i was pushing that hard until the lady told me I had achieved the 18 kms required , the same as everyone else and they had been doing the class for months, so that made me very proud of myself.

Had to take partner to the surgeons straight after which is always a 3hr ordeal so instead of sitting my butt in chair i decided to drop him off and walk around the DFO and give the legs a stretch.  I did get hungry at one stage and went to get some money out to buy something at the food court but the ATM was empty.... was that a sign???? LOL  I did buy some lingerie though which was one of my commitments that i would wear this at the end of the 12 weeks. It looked sexy on the coat hanger????  We'll just have to wait and see.

I am finally and slowly i must say moving my partner onto the same food as me.  He had the wrap today and loved it!   Hard tonight though as sis is staying and they are having chicken and chips and i am having cauliflower soup.  But after the scales being nice today I am definitely not going to give in. 

Anyway must go, baby crying out for tea.  Be good everyone!! xo (PS - do 10 push ups after reading this - just to say you can do it!)  uh uh uh - i can see you moving away without doing them - POSITIVE THINKING, POSITIVE WEIGHT LOSS!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1 - Its finally here

DAY 1 - YES!!! The start of my journey.  I was so excited last night i couldn't sleep properly knowing that in 12 weeks i will be the best i have looked in a long time.  I'm Motivated, I'm pumped and I'm raring to go.  Even with Mia waking up for 2 feeds throughout the night it didn't deter me from exercise.

First thing was unpack on line groceries - and what a lovely man he was.  I told him today was day 1 and watch out as every week he comes there will be less of me.  It was his first day and he was nervous so i put some humour into his life for him!

Breakfast was yummy and i even managed to cook up bacon and eggs for my partner and stick to my menu whilst watching him eat it without any thoughts of reaching over and sneaking some bacon.  This proves to me that my mind is set right - I am in the right mind frame to achieve this goal of mine,  I know that i can do this. 

So 451 calories down in 1:21 and I'm still going but I'm enjoying every part of it.  The music on my ipod is fantastic.  I urge others to put Chariot's of fire about the 5th or 6th song when you start getting tired as it pumps you back up - makes you feel motivated and gives you the strength to keep going - I follow it up with Keisha "Take it off" as its a fast beat so i put the cross trainer on level 14 and give the legs a good beating!!

Have fun today everyone and remember smile through the pain as today and for the next 12 weeks it is our time to shine!!!! xo  ( Pic included: We are currently renovating so at the moment I am training in part of the new laundry and theatre! LOL

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I ran 1 km without stopping!!!

I just did my 1km run. I was so nervous as I dont run outside as I'm too scared that I will need to pee half way but i took the plunge and just did it! I thought if i sleep on it, i will get myself into that much of a panic by tomorrow morning so i was better to just suck it up and do ...the task. To my astonishment (and my partners LOL) I walked the first 20 metres then ran the rest of the way. Totally amazed myself and now i wonder why on earth I never ran outside before and always ran on treadmills.

I cannot believe how much i am being inspired and motivated by not only Michelle but everyone i have met on these sites. Totally amazed xo

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My herb Garden

My miniture herb garden.  As we are renovating i have no where to put a garden in at the moment so this is my little piece of paradise.

HUMILIATING...... but i had to do it

I had to place this photo on here to ensure I go through with this.  I have hidden for far too long and now, well here i am.  Shocking and humiliating but i have done it...

The horror of realistic photos

Wow - was that really me.... Had my body become so big that i could not even recognise myself. Where was that fit person that used to play squad netball, basketball waterpolo and live at the gym. Certainly not in the photos my partner took of me this morning. HORRIFIC, DREADFUL, DEVASTATING AND HUMILIATING..

Obviously a lot of things had changed since then, but as I read through my Get real section I come to the conclusion - that I AM TO BLAME - no one else but me, I constantly have sabotaged myself with emotional eating. I constantly blamed my partner for eating ice cream or chocolate in front of me , but who put it in my mouth, who gave in to temptation.....ME AND ONLY ME TO BLAME.

Do I like the person I am today.....No , not at all. Do I want to like the person i will be in 12 weeks.... i know that i will LOVE that person. i would have the tools behind me.. "GET REAL" and 'BE SMART".

The me at the moment, is crabby, angry, hardly smiles and is constantly thinking of why I am so fat. The positive part.....I have finally reached out for help and want to become that better person, one who lives for her children and partner and loves them unconditionally and smiles all day long that her cheeks are sore by the end of the day. The person that will go out at the drop of a hat because i will have a wardrobe i fit into and not just tracksuits.

It just takes a little bit of determination and guts and with every small footstep I take I am feeling like I am one step closer to achieving my goal.

When i get on that plane in November for my daughters birthday I WILL BE PACKING A BIKINI. xo

Friday, September 10, 2010

Exercise with the Family

Just had an amazing thought - Why am i trying to schedule exercise around the kids making excuses. I have just had staircase races with my 6 yeear old. I ran 5 sets and she had to beat me so she ran 10!!! then i had to beat her. Sweating like anything and my daughter feels like she is helping me to achieve my goal of wearing a pretty dress for her Nov 12. Feel Fantastic!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Herb Garden established for 12 wbt -

Its so nice to walk outside and pick my own herbs now. I have 4 pots and heaps of punnets. Its definately going to put a nice taste to the menu. Although i only planted them 3 weeks ago they are thriving. Tomorrow i think i will make a great salad.
Cmon peeps, jump on board and plant one as well and share are photos!

Cannot wait for renovations to finish so as the real vege garden can be established.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Commitment

My commitment is to prove to myself that I can change the emotional eating factor that comes with food. I commit to putting myself first when needed for exercise and giving myself a break every week to sit back and focus on why I am taking this journey.

I commit that not only will I ensure I cook healthy foods for myself but I will also take my family on this journey to ensure that we all come out healthy at the end. I commit that when it gets hard I will go onto my neighbourhood site and get support from fellow team mates and talk through issues.

I commit that even through the hard times I am facing at home with external excuses out of my control I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I commit that at the end of this 12 weeks you WILL see me in my black slinky dress at the party and IT WILL zip up!! I also commit that when Mish says jump I will jump, as that is what will be needed to regain my focus on health and fitness.

My biggest commitment to myself is that I will not succumb to any alcohol in the 12 weeks of WBT. I will ensure no family or friends will lead me astray. I will stay focussed and determined on the end result.

I also commit that my staircase will be used as a fitness tool!For my daughters - I will commit myself to a future of being able to run around and laugh and play on play equipment, play around in the swimming pool. play on the monkey bars and even try the scootering craze out.

I COMMIT MYSELF TO BEING A BETTER MUM WHO IS FULL OF ENERGY! To my partner - I will make the biggest commitment and at the end of this journey I will wear a piece of lingerie that you have picked out for me and I will stand proud. (ok that one I am scared of). xoxox

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making Friends

How wonderful it has been to meet team members from my area that are coming on this life changing journey with me.  I feel like i really know half of them now.  Amazing and i cannot wait till we start getting together, well hopefully!!!  Not only is this about exercise for me but also about meeting new people who have the same goals as me.  to be fit and healthy, especially for us that have children. And YAY to the day that i can wear a special K dress and look hot!!!

Life can change

Well,  How life changes in a week.  One minute happy as anything, excited about the program and the next in emergency with partner due to work place accident and having to close business etc down.  I have to say that this did throw me completely off the rails.  prob the best thing i did though was to post a message on the forums and  the responses from other 12 wbt'rs was all i needed to say that although this was an external excuse out of my control I could still do this.  I just needed time to take everything in... so i did...

To my surprise i only put on 0.5 kilos which i was rapped about as i hadnt had a chance to hop on any equipment and exercise.  I think now my partner is home i should be losing more weight as i have to run around for himand the kids now.  I told him that when he gets better he owes me a million nappy changes as a 6 mth old teething means many dirty nappies!!

I am so excited as I have just had the chance to sit down and complete the 4 tasks (as i was behind)  - I have chosen the gym as although i have the equipment at home, i think with all that has happened with my partner I need that focus of a gym, plus it has a creche for my daughter and the most important part of all of this is that it is ME TIME. Something i will not get now for prob 6 mths so it is important that when i start this program I can commit myself 100%.  Anyway,  If i feel like using the equipment at home then that is a bonus exercise workout!

Better go xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

Determined through thick and thin... well thick to get thin

I Andrea declare that I have eaten crap, under exercised, over drank, over indulged and underestimated the amount of weight I have welcomed (not invited I should say!) to my body.

I vow from this point on that I will stay positive about the changes that are about to occur, that I will smile and suffer every inch of pain that it takes to change my life around.   When it comes to those hard questions (I know there coming) that I will answer them honestly.

But most of all I will have fun, to stop whinging and whining and to become the person who I dream of.... a happy partner, a loving mum full of energy that doesn't make the excuse of not being able to walk to school because of one cloud in the sky.  I will make friendships for life thorough this life changing and challenging experience
Twice a week I will post a blog with my achievement's and my disappointment's as i know the journey will not always be positive.  I hope that you come along and join the journey with me.  I will post photos regularly one of a dress i purchased which i want to fit into... stay tuned as it is the most humiliating photo i have ever had my partner take of me, but by posting this I am committing to changing my life.

Xmas here i come and I WILL LOOK FITNFAB!!!!! xo