Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starting a Job

Cannot believe I am starting a job tomorrow.  Its only 2 days a week but gives us that little bit of extra money to finish things around the house and make it more livable before bubs arrives.  I'm excited in a way but also nervous as I am fighting the morning sickness so fingers crossed it eases off on the 2 days I need it too!

Apart from that I am still training really well, have eased off a bit in the past 4 weeks so its been really hard to sit back and watch everyone on accelerator day, and super Saturday sessions but I have never given up.  Ive also found that if i feel sick in the morning then if I go to the gym and do a workout it takes my mind off it until i get back to the car! LOL

Can't believe that i finally get to meet a heap of you this weekend at the party.  Am so looking forward to the training session and party.  See you all there! xoxo

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