Sunday, September 26, 2010


All I ask for is 1- 2 hrs a day exercise.  Now you think that would be easy.  It is SOOO not i can tell you when you have a sick child and a partner who has been told he is not allowed to pick her up at all. 

I have to say that this week has been hard, tiring and manic and to throw everything into the mix I had a stall at  a baby sale to which i had to take my baby as I have no one to look after her.

So Now I have had my whinge about how hard it was here comes the positives as why sit and whinge when I am here to change my lifestyle.  I'm sure i can catch up on the 30 hrs of missed sleep when i am six foot under in 70 years (  Yes i will live to over 100 now i am getting fit!!!)


  • Managed to not be tempted by the donuts and sausages at the baby market
  • Walked each morning with my partner and daughter around the block, by the end of the week we had made it up to a 5km walk)  
  • Still have not touched the mars bars and snickers in "Paul's" fridge
  • Exercised every day
  • Attempted Zumba - "attempted"  i emphasise
  • Went to Geelong to sisters and watched her drink a whole bottle of champagne by herself - NOT TEMPTED! YAY
  • Did my first spin cycle class and loved it!
  • Tracked my calories for the week 
When I Look at the positives, the non sleepless nights and running around after everyones appointments don't really register.

MY OUTLOOK FOR NEXT WEEK. - Keep up the great work!

MY REWARD FOR THE WEEK - I booked my flight and accommodation to Sydney for the Award / Presentation night.  I have organised mum to help Paul look after the kids and I am flying up with a fellow team member who i cannot wait to meet.  We will be there in time for the workout then hitting the awards night.  This is probably the most amazing part of this journey that I am on, is that although I have not met people yet, I feel like i know so many of you personally through talking on facebook pages of Michelle's 12wbt and the 12wbt - Round 3. When I have a tough day I read other posts on their tough days and it puts my life into perspective. 

MAJOR LESSON LEARNT - There were never any sabotagers to my weight loss over the years, I was my worst own enemy and I own up to that I accept responsibility.  Now I will make the changes I NEED TO MAKE in order to become a better healthier, happier person. xo

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  1. Yay for booking your flight and coming to the Round 3 Party. Would love to meet you at the training session - how exciting :)

    And I love how you have listed all the positives. It really is a powerful post and a great message to remind yourself with on those down days.

    But for me, your last paragraph is going to stick with me for a long time "There were never any sabotagers to my weight loss...I was my own worst enemy...I accept responsibility" Wow. I think we all need to repeat this and accept it and use it as a mantra to move forward. Well done. :)