Saturday, September 18, 2010

I ran 1 km without stopping!!!

I just did my 1km run. I was so nervous as I dont run outside as I'm too scared that I will need to pee half way but i took the plunge and just did it! I thought if i sleep on it, i will get myself into that much of a panic by tomorrow morning so i was better to just suck it up and do ...the task. To my astonishment (and my partners LOL) I walked the first 20 metres then ran the rest of the way. Totally amazed myself and now i wonder why on earth I never ran outside before and always ran on treadmills.

I cannot believe how much i am being inspired and motivated by not only Michelle but everyone i have met on these sites. Totally amazed xo


  1. yahoo!! yay for lightbulb moments. there is no stopping you now!


  2. Just found your blog and have to say I think you're going to do amazing. You sound 100% committed and ready. Can't wait to see your progress.