Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inner Labrador Tamed!!!

How good is an ipod.  At gym today I decided to listen to the podcasts and step it down a notch on the cross trainer so as I could soak in all of Mish's info.  I came home and had a carrot stick, and then picking Chels up from school I was tempted to go through macca's for a $0.50 cone but her voice was ringing through my brain so I came straight home.  YAY!!! Its working

Also am so bloody proud of myself as the past 2 days i have moved 2000 roof tiles approx 50 metres to another part of the backyard.  That is 8 tonne!!  And the motivation behind this was - i want the concrete down around our pool area before xmas so I can have a massive NYE party here.  And even though I went to the gym and worked outside for 4 hours moving tiles I feel fantastic.  Well.... that was until i walked inside to find the dog had snuck in and trampled mud all over the carpet i had cleaned yesterday!!!  Oh well, keep on smiling..

Going to put in a huge effort this fortnight, looking forward to a big challenge ahead.  My 8 week goal is to run 5 kms, that is around our block.  First run on Sunday as tomorrow i have boot camp. have a great weekend everyone xo

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