Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wow 2kgs!!!  I cannot believe it.  I was so excited I even did a little dance around the room to mark my achievement but then realised the rest of my butt and back fat wobbled so much i had to stop.... or maybe i should have put the HRM on and seen how many calories i burnt! ha ha

I did my first ever spin class today.  it went for 45 minutes and I burnt 400 calories.  I didn't think i was pushing that hard until the lady told me I had achieved the 18 kms required , the same as everyone else and they had been doing the class for months, so that made me very proud of myself.

Had to take partner to the surgeons straight after which is always a 3hr ordeal so instead of sitting my butt in chair i decided to drop him off and walk around the DFO and give the legs a stretch.  I did get hungry at one stage and went to get some money out to buy something at the food court but the ATM was empty.... was that a sign???? LOL  I did buy some lingerie though which was one of my commitments that i would wear this at the end of the 12 weeks. It looked sexy on the coat hanger????  We'll just have to wait and see.

I am finally and slowly i must say moving my partner onto the same food as me.  He had the wrap today and loved it!   Hard tonight though as sis is staying and they are having chicken and chips and i am having cauliflower soup.  But after the scales being nice today I am definitely not going to give in. 

Anyway must go, baby crying out for tea.  Be good everyone!! xo (PS - do 10 push ups after reading this - just to say you can do it!)  uh uh uh - i can see you moving away without doing them - POSITIVE THINKING, POSITIVE WEIGHT LOSS!


  1. Whooo - well done on the 2kgs. That is fantastic. You sound so pumped! Keep that going and you will smash the results again this week.

    Have a brilliant week.

  2. woohoo well done how great you are doing