Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yes 100 grams i put on this week.  have i been sitting in the corner sulking and blaming everyone else.

You see, for me this was my time to sit back and look at the week.  Yes there were many of external excuses out of my control, but do i blame them , Not at all.  You see the past few weeks i have learnt that ORGANISATION is the key.

Was I organised for last weeks food and exercise..............No

Did I diarise my exercise and book creche in......................No

Did I take my own snacks to the hospital whilst waiting for partners appointment................No

So there you see it.....  I have acknowledged that I ANDREA KERR sabotaged my own weight loss by
  1. Not being organised
  2. Not being organised AND
  3. Not being organised!!!!
I'm definitely not upset about this as for the first time I have sat back and looked at this and fully confess that this was all my fault, no-one else's just mine.  And i feel fantastic for it!

For me this is a huge breakthrough - I have broken down the emotional wall of fear when i put on weight and it is the most amazing feeling as for the first time I don't want to give up!

I feel inspired, motivated, and most of all I know i won't mope around the house and make everyone in my families life miserable for the next 2 days.  So anyone out there that is reading this and feels negative about their weight gain, look back at your week and own up to all the indiscretions you did.  For me mine was organisation plus!!  Would love to know what yours are? xo

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