Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1 - Its finally here

DAY 1 - YES!!! The start of my journey.  I was so excited last night i couldn't sleep properly knowing that in 12 weeks i will be the best i have looked in a long time.  I'm Motivated, I'm pumped and I'm raring to go.  Even with Mia waking up for 2 feeds throughout the night it didn't deter me from exercise.

First thing was unpack on line groceries - and what a lovely man he was.  I told him today was day 1 and watch out as every week he comes there will be less of me.  It was his first day and he was nervous so i put some humour into his life for him!

Breakfast was yummy and i even managed to cook up bacon and eggs for my partner and stick to my menu whilst watching him eat it without any thoughts of reaching over and sneaking some bacon.  This proves to me that my mind is set right - I am in the right mind frame to achieve this goal of mine,  I know that i can do this. 

So 451 calories down in 1:21 and I'm still going but I'm enjoying every part of it.  The music on my ipod is fantastic.  I urge others to put Chariot's of fire about the 5th or 6th song when you start getting tired as it pumps you back up - makes you feel motivated and gives you the strength to keep going - I follow it up with Keisha "Take it off" as its a fast beat so i put the cross trainer on level 14 and give the legs a good beating!!

Have fun today everyone and remember smile through the pain as today and for the next 12 weeks it is our time to shine!!!! xo  ( Pic included: We are currently renovating so at the moment I am training in part of the new laundry and theatre! LOL

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  1. Damn, you're strong if you can cook bacon and eggs and not eat it, nup couldn't do it