Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mini Triathlon Completed

Wow What an amazing week it has been.  First I was so focussed in training that I didnt even know the PT was saying hello to me whilst traiing someone next to me and yesterday I decided to JFDI!!!

I got myself into the right mind frame before entering the doors of the gym, I WILL DO THIS, I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL I COMPLETE THIS..................... and thats just what i did.

25km bike ride

6 km Jog - broken into 2 legs due to an injury ( did have to use the cross trainer for the last 1km due to arm chaffage HAHAHA)

3km row

PLUS  a 4 - 5 km walk with my partner earlier that morning.  All together 38 kms!!!

I cannot believe that i accomplished this - that I didn't give up and that I - NOT ANYONE ELSE - kept me motivated for the whole 1:59:58 seconds that it took to accomplish this goal.  I have learnt that arms need more toning though! LOL

I have been relying on my PT to push me through the past couple of weeks and although i missed training with Kev yesterday i taught myself that " i am worthwhile, that I can achieve whatever i want , as long as mentally I prepare myself - and that means thinking positive and zoning out. 

To celebrate my achievement my partner took me out for our first meal together since our daughter who is now 9mths old was born!!   We went to a lovely little restaurant, where I ordered barramundi with asparagus and requested that they hold the herb butter and any oils from this meal as I was following a strict diet and needed a lovely meal to celebrate my success today.  They were wonderful and kept filling my water up with fresh ice.  My partner ordered a dessert where I had one spoonful with my skinny cappuccino.
The whole day was a total success.  I am now ready to be able to hit any barriers i may come too when on holidays with family next week and am looking so forward to jogging around the gold coast.  LOVING LIFE

Not only am i getting fitter but I have also found that my whole personality has changed. that I have so much more love for my family, that I'm not grumpy all the time, and that now I RUN UP AND DOWN MY STAIRCASE AT HOME and I don't make other people go and get things and sit on my "once was fat ass" LOL xo

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