Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life can change

Well,  How life changes in a week.  One minute happy as anything, excited about the program and the next in emergency with partner due to work place accident and having to close business etc down.  I have to say that this did throw me completely off the rails.  prob the best thing i did though was to post a message on the forums and  the responses from other 12 wbt'rs was all i needed to say that although this was an external excuse out of my control I could still do this.  I just needed time to take everything in... so i did...

To my surprise i only put on 0.5 kilos which i was rapped about as i hadnt had a chance to hop on any equipment and exercise.  I think now my partner is home i should be losing more weight as i have to run around for himand the kids now.  I told him that when he gets better he owes me a million nappy changes as a 6 mth old teething means many dirty nappies!!

I am so excited as I have just had the chance to sit down and complete the 4 tasks (as i was behind)  - I have chosen the gym as although i have the equipment at home, i think with all that has happened with my partner I need that focus of a gym, plus it has a creche for my daughter and the most important part of all of this is that it is ME TIME. Something i will not get now for prob 6 mths so it is important that when i start this program I can commit myself 100%.  Anyway,  If i feel like using the equipment at home then that is a bonus exercise workout!

Better go xx

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