Friday, October 8, 2010

Gaining Inspiration from another 12wbt

Today was boot camp day and I was really struggling to get out of bed due to a sore back.  Instead of laying back down I pushed through the pain and got dressed then decided to do a few stretches at home before heading off to boot camp day. 

You see, if it were just me going to the gym or going for a run i probably would have layed in bed and not bothered but last week i met so many amazing girls who are taking this journey too and that is what gave me the inspiration to just do it!!!

Here's the funny thing, I met Kev (the other trainer) for the first time this morning and first conversation was about all my injuries, knee reco, slipped disc, bad pelvic floor (yay to toilets being at the oval!!) and went on the sob story of my journey of weight gain.  BUT  5 mins into the session I had no time to stop and think about the injuries I had previously as Kev and Jason worked us like you wouldn't believe.  And each time I felt like i was having a heart attack.... it made me smile, as i knew that this was a turning point for me. 

No more talking about the past, just the future and what it takes to get there.  I have used my injuries as an excuse to exercise hard for so long - as soon as the going got tough, it would be "my foot", "my knee" "my back" - No more!!!  Although I did have to run to the loo twice which is out of my control!! I'll blame my daughter for that when she is 18!

Prob the most inspiration moment for me today was Ktee who when doing the Indian running she wanted to give up with about 100 metres to go.  Instead of letting her drop off the back, we cheered her on to keep up with us on the journey and after about 3 seconds she said "I'm back in" - WOW!!!!  Totally amazing as I watched her when she ended and she was over the moon, you could see how proud she was of herself for finishing and i could feel how proud i was that she finished and that the other 3 of us didn't let her give up.  As Mish would say "that was a moment" and one that i wont forget every time i train from now on... to push through that pain and be a team!!  Hat off to you Ktee - YOU ROCK!!!!

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