Sunday, July 31, 2011

BUBS arrived

Well - What a fast 9 mths!  I am now the proud mother of 3 daughters.  I gave birth to Mahli June on 7th August.  She is an absolute gem but she definately gave me huge sugar cravings which i am struggling to separate with!!  I am just about 4 weeks since my caesar so am still taking it easy but as of next week I am starting to go for a walk around the block with Mahli whilst the eldest is at school. 

I have made sure both prams are set up for both children (i have a 1 yr old as well), so there will be no excuses come the next round of 12wbt.  My goal for this round is to stick to the nutrition side completely.  I am hoping to lose the extra 8 kilo before the season kicks off so i will be back down to the same weight before getting pregnant.  By that stage I will be able to be practically back into full swing.  Overall goal up till xmas is to lose 20 kilos. And yes this is definately achievable!! 

Stay tuned and stay with me peeps.  Its going to be a rollercoaster trying to exercise with 2 under 1 now!  And so glad to be back on here!