Monday, August 23, 2010

Determined through thick and thin... well thick to get thin

I Andrea declare that I have eaten crap, under exercised, over drank, over indulged and underestimated the amount of weight I have welcomed (not invited I should say!) to my body.

I vow from this point on that I will stay positive about the changes that are about to occur, that I will smile and suffer every inch of pain that it takes to change my life around.   When it comes to those hard questions (I know there coming) that I will answer them honestly.

But most of all I will have fun, to stop whinging and whining and to become the person who I dream of.... a happy partner, a loving mum full of energy that doesn't make the excuse of not being able to walk to school because of one cloud in the sky.  I will make friendships for life thorough this life changing and challenging experience
Twice a week I will post a blog with my achievement's and my disappointment's as i know the journey will not always be positive.  I hope that you come along and join the journey with me.  I will post photos regularly one of a dress i purchased which i want to fit into... stay tuned as it is the most humiliating photo i have ever had my partner take of me, but by posting this I am committing to changing my life.

Xmas here i come and I WILL LOOK FITNFAB!!!!! xo

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