Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YAY Final Weigh in

8.8 kilo gone or 13 kilo since i started pre season.  What an amazing journey.  Hard the past 4 weeks as couldn't lose, as had to up kj's but feel amazing.  Well actually bloody tired really as gone back to work for a few days a week trying to fight the morning sickness.

Look forward to doing the next round but with weight gain but hopefully only slightly!!

Starting a Job

Cannot believe I am starting a job tomorrow.  Its only 2 days a week but gives us that little bit of extra money to finish things around the house and make it more livable before bubs arrives.  I'm excited in a way but also nervous as I am fighting the morning sickness so fingers crossed it eases off on the 2 days I need it too!

Apart from that I am still training really well, have eased off a bit in the past 4 weeks so its been really hard to sit back and watch everyone on accelerator day, and super Saturday sessions but I have never given up.  Ive also found that if i feel sick in the morning then if I go to the gym and do a workout it takes my mind off it until i get back to the car! LOL

Can't believe that i finally get to meet a heap of you this weekend at the party.  Am so looking forward to the training session and party.  See you all there! xoxo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my entry for weekly surprise week 11

Where do I start... This year has been so traumatic in the sense of my partner having a severe work accident and us having to close our business down all around the time I signed up for this program.  I am so proud to say I stuck it out and learnt so many life lessons along the way.  I look back at my weekly blog and my turning point was Sept 26th where I wrote:
MAJOR LESSON LEARNT - There were never any sabotage’s to my weight loss over the years, I was my worst enemy and I own up to that I accept responsibility.  Now I will make the changes I NEED TO MAKE in order to become a better, healthier, happier person. Xo
In the past 3 mths I have:-
·         Kayaked with fellow wbt’rs
·         Joined a PT class with fellow wbt’rs which I love
·         Love my gym and workouts
·         Learnt to run
·         Faced my fear of heights with my 7 yr old daughter by my side
·         Started a Blog about my journey
But most of all I also:-
·         Cannot stop smiling
·         Am so positive about life instead of grumpy and negative
·         AM HAVING A BABY in which we were told we needed IVF but due to being so much fitter it occurred naturally.  We are so excited!!!
I cannot thankyou enough for the life transformation that has occurred within myself.  Even my mums negative comment when telling her I was pregnant “What., so you lose all that weight only to get fat again”, does not bother me, as I know that the next time I get fat it will be ALL BABY!!  
 Tears in my eyes as I cannot thankyou enough in words xoxoxo