Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Commitment

My commitment is to prove to myself that I can change the emotional eating factor that comes with food. I commit to putting myself first when needed for exercise and giving myself a break every week to sit back and focus on why I am taking this journey.

I commit that not only will I ensure I cook healthy foods for myself but I will also take my family on this journey to ensure that we all come out healthy at the end. I commit that when it gets hard I will go onto my neighbourhood site and get support from fellow team mates and talk through issues.

I commit that even through the hard times I am facing at home with external excuses out of my control I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I commit that at the end of this 12 weeks you WILL see me in my black slinky dress at the party and IT WILL zip up!! I also commit that when Mish says jump I will jump, as that is what will be needed to regain my focus on health and fitness.

My biggest commitment to myself is that I will not succumb to any alcohol in the 12 weeks of WBT. I will ensure no family or friends will lead me astray. I will stay focussed and determined on the end result.

I also commit that my staircase will be used as a fitness tool!For my daughters - I will commit myself to a future of being able to run around and laugh and play on play equipment, play around in the swimming pool. play on the monkey bars and even try the scootering craze out.

I COMMIT MYSELF TO BEING A BETTER MUM WHO IS FULL OF ENERGY! To my partner - I will make the biggest commitment and at the end of this journey I will wear a piece of lingerie that you have picked out for me and I will stand proud. (ok that one I am scared of). xoxox

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