Thursday, December 2, 2010

my entry for weekly surprise week 11

Where do I start... This year has been so traumatic in the sense of my partner having a severe work accident and us having to close our business down all around the time I signed up for this program.  I am so proud to say I stuck it out and learnt so many life lessons along the way.  I look back at my weekly blog and my turning point was Sept 26th where I wrote:
MAJOR LESSON LEARNT - There were never any sabotage’s to my weight loss over the years, I was my worst enemy and I own up to that I accept responsibility.  Now I will make the changes I NEED TO MAKE in order to become a better, healthier, happier person. Xo
In the past 3 mths I have:-
·         Kayaked with fellow wbt’rs
·         Joined a PT class with fellow wbt’rs which I love
·         Love my gym and workouts
·         Learnt to run
·         Faced my fear of heights with my 7 yr old daughter by my side
·         Started a Blog about my journey
But most of all I also:-
·         Cannot stop smiling
·         Am so positive about life instead of grumpy and negative
·         AM HAVING A BABY in which we were told we needed IVF but due to being so much fitter it occurred naturally.  We are so excited!!!
I cannot thankyou enough for the life transformation that has occurred within myself.  Even my mums negative comment when telling her I was pregnant “What., so you lose all that weight only to get fat again”, does not bother me, as I know that the next time I get fat it will be ALL BABY!!  
 Tears in my eyes as I cannot thankyou enough in words xoxoxo

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  1. Ang,
    You have travelled so far over the past 12 weeks, it has been an amazing journey to follow. I am sorry that I havent commented before, but I am a lurker from way back.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy, I too have just found out I am pregnant, which I can't believe has happened so quickly. It is amazing how our bodies reward us when we treat them properly.
    You are 100% right - you will put on some weight over the next 7 months with the baby, but we have the tools & activities in place to drop it back quickly after the babies are out.

    Good Luck with your pregnancy, and I hope I get to meet you on Saturday.